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The Metadata Migrator software package, funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, allows institutions such as museums, archives, research centers, and small libraries to make their locally stored records available for online searching using the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH).

Using the Metadata Migrator, collections specialists can map or crosswalk the field names of their institution's records into Dublin Core elements to create OAI-compliant XML records. They can also create a data provider that allows OAI harvesters to serve out these records within larger digital library structures, including such sites as OAIster and AmericanSouth.org.

Because institutions can select which fields from each record to “migrate,” they retain control over sensitive information in this process, while making general information about their collection available to scholars conducting web searches.

The Metadata Migrator tool was developed as part of the "Music of Social Change" project. This project used the OAI protocol to develop a new model for library-museum collaborations that broadens access to archival resources for learning communities. This model will facilitate the integration of resources that are held in different record formats at various institutions into a single searchable system.

The Music of Social Change project is part of the MetaScholar Initiative at Emory University. This Initiative is creating new models for sharing meta-information and portal services for scholars in focused research areas.