MetaScholar: An Emory University Digital Library Research Initiative
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An Emory University Digital Library Research Initiative, Funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation


Project Proposal. In this project, Emory University and Virginia Tech will conduct a series of studies using newly designed digital library services to determine what criteria underlie the preferences and assumptions of different user groups regarding metasearch systems. This link leads to the original Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) grant proposal.

Interim Report. (05-01-05) During the first six months of the project period, the project team surveyed existing systems that recognize or integrate various forms of quality metrics, and also surveyed open source search systems that could be used as an experimental basis within this project. The team selected Lucene, an open source tool, for this purpose. The project team also established a theoretical model for quality metrics, techniques for quality metrics scoring, an implementation plan for Lucene, and began to plan the user studies that will begin in the next project quarter. This link leads to a pdf document of the interim report submitted to IMLS.

Interim Report. (10-31-06) During the second six months of the project period, the project team held two meetings between the team components at Virginia Tech and Emory University to plan the qualitative focus group sessions (to be conducted at Emory) and the quantitative surveys (to be conducted at Virginia Tech).We applied for and obtained IRB approval for the project during this period, and Emory hosted six focus group sessions with faculty and graduate students in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. Also during this period, the team produced the experimental design sketches for use in the Virginia Tech experiments. These sketches break down into two scenarios: the known-item search, and the open-discovery search..