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Jeffrey Klee

eWilliamsburg and Beyond: Managing Historical and Spatial Data for an 18th-century Town

Jeffrey Klee
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

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Author Bio
Jeff Klee is one of four architectural historians at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, the nation's largest living history museum. He was hired in 2004, as his department was taking its first tentative steps into the digital world and he has worked since then to direct the digitization of architectural research. In addition to developing protocols for CAD and digital photography, he has overseen the creation of a database of his office's architectural materials, which will eventually include tens of thousands of scanned slides, drawings, and field memoranda. Outside the Foundation, he is currently working with the Society of Architectural Historians to create a comprehensive shared database of architectural media.

Jeff has an undergraduate degree in architecture from Yale and a graduate degree in art history from the University of Delaware, where he is currently completing his dissertation on the early buildings of Boston's Beacon Hill. His principal area of expertise is in the architecture of American cities before 1860. In addition, he is actively involved with historic preservation and public history. He has served on the City of Williamsburg's Architectural Review Board since 2004 and is currently the Vice President of the Historic Rosewell Foundation, which is responsible for maintaining and interpreting the ruins of colonial
Virginia's largest mansion.

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