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Paul Gherman

A Cooperative Portal for Research in Ancient Near Eastern Studies

Paul Gherman
Vanderbilt University

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     Last modified: November 14, 2007

Author Bio
Paul M. Gherman has been University Librarian at the Jean and Alexander Heard
Library at Vanderbilt University since 1996. He was College Librarian at Kenyon College and University Librarian at Virginia Polytechnic and State University in Blacksburg. He held positions at Iowa State, Penn State and Wayne State University.

Mr. Gherman received his M.A.L.S. from the University of Michigan and a BA in English and History from Wayne State University. He is past President of the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL), he has been a member of the Board of Directors of SOLINET and OCLC, the OCLC Members Council, and was a member of the National Archives and Records Administration Advisory Board On the Records of Congress.

He was active in the development of the Blacksburg Electronic Village, an early community-based telecommunications experiment, the Vanderbilt Television News Archive, an Internet database of broadcast evening news,, a portal for ancient Near Eastern studies, and a new project on African music.

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