Metadata Enhancement and OAI Workshop
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Overview of the Conference

Digital library developers and leaders interested in collaborative scenarios for automated / semi-automated metadata enhancement / remediation.


This workshop will result in various next steps to advance the state of the art in metadata enhancement through extended scenarios using the OAI-PMH. The assumption is that presenters and attendees are interested in trying out mechanisms for collaborative exchange and enhancement/remediation of metadata. Enhancement in this context means any activity that adds new organization, structure, or access points to metadata records. Remediation means any action to normalize, repair, standardize, or otherwise fix metadata records. At times the term "enhancement" has been invoked in these workshop descriptions in a broader sense to include remediation.


In each session, presenters will first lay out a scenario and software tool kit for metadata enhancement or remediation, and will then hear and respond to comments from those that will test the scenario or tools. In many cases, a key activity will be to agree upon conventions, practices, or standards for effectively exchanging metadata and enhanced metadata. Our working assumption is that such exchanges can be accomplished via use of the OAI-PMH in creative ways. In the second half of each session, participants will discuss practical details of collaborative experiments, including timelines, objectives, and relationships with other planned projects.
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