Symposium on Free Culture and the Digital Library 2005
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Other Papers

Joseph Corneli
A scholia-based document model for commons-based peer production

Bradley Daigle, Rare Materials Digital Services/ University of Virginia
How do we sustain digital scholarship?

Edward Fox, Dept. of Computer Science, Virginia Tech
It is easy for universities to support free culture with digital libraries: The NDLTD Example

Debora Halbert, Dept. of Political Science, Otterbein College
The Librarian Revolutionary: Creating Cultural Exchange and Preservation on the Internet

Marjorie Heins, Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law
Will Fair Use Survive the Digital Age?

Barrie Howard, Digital Library Federation
Greasing the Wheels of Regulation

Aaron Krowne, Emory University, Library Systems
How Free Culture Will Save Digital Libraries

William Maher, University of Illinois Archives
Heritage and Culture Under Lock, but no Key: The Problem of Unpublished Orphan Works

Daniel Mayer
Trusting the user: Wikipedia as an example

Meghan Miller Brawley, School of Information Sciences, University of Tennessee - Kn
Catalysts for change: librarians and open access

Robert Milson, Dept. Mathematics and Statistics, Dalhousie University
Adapting CBPP platforms for instructional delivery

Karrie Peterson, NCSU Libraries, North Carolina State University
James A. Jacobs, Data Services, University of California San Diego
Government Information in the Digital Era: Free Culture or Controlled Substance?

Raymond Puzio, Department of Physics, University of Memphis
Free Math and Potential Bottlenecks

Denise Troll Covey, Carnegie Mellon University Libraries
Rights, Registries, and Remedies: An Analysis of Responses to the Copyright Office Notice of Inquiry Regarding Orphan Works

Simeon Warner, Cornell Information Science
The arXiv: 14 years of open access scientific communication

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