Symposium on Free Culture and the Digital Library 2005
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Overview of the Conference
The Free Culture and the Digital Library symposium is intentionally interdisciplinary, designed to explore relationships between fields as diverse as library science, social science, law, computer science, the humanities, and others. Our focus is to explore the impact of a free culture of information exchange on the digital library from a range of perspectives, including lawyers, librarians, educators and others and how this relationship is developing in the twenty-first century.

Our public call for papers is loosely centered around four broad themes: cultural and social perspectives, the library science perspective, technology in the digital library, and legal issues surrounding free culture the digital library. Papers around these themes may address, among other things, digital development in the library, regulation of free culture, freedom of ideas in the Internet age, copyright law, and how all of these topics (and others) relate to one another on local, national, and international levels and the impact they have on disciplines ranging from law to library science.
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