Symposium on Free Culture and the Digital Library 2005
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Public KnowledgeOpen Conference Systems has been developed by Kevin Jamieson, Henry Kang, and John Willinsky, with support from Patrick Inglis and Patrizia Crescenzi, while the Research Support Tool has been developed by Chia-ning Chiang, Henry Kang, John Willinsky, and Eunice Yung. The Public Knowledge Project has been supported in this phase of its work by the Max Bell Foundation and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. As part of its mandate to expand access to research, the Public Knowledge Project is distributing OCS without charge to academic conference organizers so that they can readily set-up an online conference support system with an Open Archives Initiative compliant database that makes conference papers and other materials universally available. For more information about OCS and other open research systems, visit

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