Symposium on Free Culture and the Digital Library 2005
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Call for Papers

MetaScholar Initiative at Emory University

Abstract Deadline: May 6, 2005
Paper Deadline: July 1, 2005

This conference, which uses Open Conference Systems developed by the Public Knowledge Project, enables participants to submit abstracts online at

Presentations can include:

• Single Papers: Abstract must be 500 words or less; final papers will be 2000-4000 words.

Call for Papers Announcement

This interdisciplinary symposium will explore the relationship between digital access to public cultural information and intellectual property constraints. In recent years, new legal limitations in the United States have affected public access to the materials held in a variety of different open digital library infrastructures, ranging from those of the Library of Congress to Kazaa. As new technological possibilities and laws governing their many uses emerge, it becomes critical to examine the relationship between digital innovation and legal regulation. This symposium seeks to promote a better understanding of the associated impacts of these changes on the local, national and international levels, both now and in the future.

Participation is welcomed from all disciplines including humanities, information science, law, social sciences, computer science, librarianship, archival science, and the study of popular culture. Persons from all domains ? education, government, industry, and others ? are encouraged to participate as presenters or attendees.

Articles should approach the symposium themes from any of four perspectives: cultural/social, legal, digital library technology, library science. Examples include (but are not limited to): the influence of copyright and Internet law on digital media; the cultural/social impact of electronic content; case studies illustrating how digital library services transform research or educational practices; the potential of digital scholarly publishing vehicles; the design, development and practical applications of digital library services; the likely impacts of the digital library on education, e-learning and e-science.


April 29, 2005: Proposals for articles due
July 1, 2005: Full articles due.


• Articles will be included in the symposium proceedings
• Accepted submissions must be presented at the symposium by one of the authors during a 20 minute presentation
• Articles must be in English, approximately 2000-4000 words
• All articles must be original contributions (i.e., not have been previously published or currently under review for publication elsewhere)
• All contributions are to be submitted in electronic form via the conference web site submission URL, located at:
• All contributions must use the MS Word style template provided at the following URL:
• All citations must use the Author-Date citation system as specified in the Chicago Manual of Style
• All presenters must be able to attend and present their paper in person.

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