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The Cyberinfrastructure for Scholars project of the Digital Programs and Systems Division of the Woodruff Library at Emory University is conducting research to create an easily manageable, sustainable and reusable software suite for the creation and maintenance of SouthComb, a humanities based portal environment. The Cyberinfrastructure project is one of several projects of the MetaScholar Initiative, an ongoing program for digital library research based at Emory University that focuses on applications of metadata (or information about data) for scholarly communications. Using web-based tools, SouthComb will allow scholars, researchers, and students to better research, access and understand Southern Studies information. Some of the tools included are a General Search, Southern Studies Directory, and Today's South news service.

SouthComb will advance access to scholarly communications and contribute value to online learners as well as Southern Studies, American Studies and humanities scholars. The Combined search will index high-quality information not searchable by Google, excluding low-quality information. The Southern Studies Directory will collect and display information about the people and departments working in Southern Studies. A directory of this type has not been gathered elsewhere, and remains of great utility to new scholars in the field. The Today's South news service will function as a current awareness service, keeping users up-to-date on topics relating to the U.S. South and South regardless of geographic location.

Major funding for development of SouthComb is provided by Emory University's Robert W. Woodruff Library and by the Mellon Foundation to create a sustainable cyberinfrastructure program for scholars based on focused interdisciplinary subject domain portals

2007 Interim Report

About this website:

This website serves as a communication device for the SouthComb (Cyberinfrastructure for Scholars) project team and members of the public interested in knowing more about the developing SouthComb website, the project, and the people involved. If you are seeking information about this project and do not find it here, please contact the Project Manager.